Video & audio Editor

Podcast Manager - Video Editing

I support future and current podcasters.
I edit videos for digital products.


Check what I can do for you


Videocast/Podcast Management

podcast editing, intro/outro, transcription, graphics, notes, publication, etc.


Video Editing

video editing of online courses,vlogs, short video forms (reels/shorts), publication, etc.


Podcast Consultations

you want to create your podcast but don’t know where to start, support from A to Z

What will you gain by entrusting me with the implementation of your tasks?

You will focus on what is most important

Time for Business Development

Practically right away. You will focus on strategy and creation. You will forget about time-consuming video & audio editing and technical issues. You will increase your profit.

Peace of mind

I will take over tasks from you that you don't like or can't do.
You will stop being frustrated.
You will sleep more soundly.


Exactly! With me, you only pay for the time spent on tasks.
I pay taxes. I work remotely.
You will save.

They are already saving time and don't care about technical tasks

They trusted me:


Opinions of others about working with me

"Monika Litwin cooperates with GRUPA ADM Sp. z o. o. from April 2021 to the present. She is responsible for editing film videos for online courses.
Monika Litwin fulfills the tasks assigned to her conscientiously and on-time responsibilities. Its activities are characterized by flexibility, professionalism, and a comprehensive approach to the tasks entrusted to her tasks. We especially value commitment and openness to adaptation to our needs.
Our cooperation runs smoothly so with complete confidence I recommend Monika Litwin as a specialist in her industry and a reliable and trustworthy colleague."
"The cooperation went very smoothly. Monika completed the tasks within a specified period of time to the extent exceeding the arrangements. She was very involved from the very beginning."
"I have been working with Monika for several months now. Monika is very involved in the project, and I can always count on her support. She performs the tasks entrusted to her, takes the initiative, and provides advice in new areas. Thanks to working with Monika, I regained a lot of time for my duties. Monika is an integral part of our team, and without her support, we would not be where we are now. Thanks to her work organization and responsibility, she gained my trust, and the project can develop with full force."
"I am happy with the cooperation! Reliably, on time, with great support, knowledge, and understanding. I heartily recommend cooperation with Monika"
I am delighted with the services of Monika, who has been editing films for my company for some time. Her work is not only reliable but also complete with accuracy and professionalism.The first thing that caught my attention was her extraordinary attention to deadlines. She always delivers work on time, which is essential in our industry. Thanks to this, I can be sure that Monika will always meet the challenge, no matter how urgent the order is.Additionally, during the execution of orders, he maintains constant contact with me, informing me about progress and asking for any comments or corrections. Knowing that the project is in good hands makes me feel confident and comfortable. Her professionalism at work is truly admirable. She always pays attention to the minor details and translates them into high quality.With a clear conscience, I can recommend Monika's services to anyone needing film editing support and more. Her commitment, accuracy, professionalism, and attention to deadlines make working with her a pleasure. Thanks to it, I save time and can focus on other aspects of running my business, knowing that film editing is in the best hands. Monika is a true professional and a valuable member of our team.
"At first, I had some concerns because of the distance between us. Then, the time difference benefitted us - I sent the materials during the day, and Ms. Monika did the editing at night. The next day, I had the finished material in my mailbox. I highly recommend - that Mrs. Monika be verbal, conscientious, and organized. Cooperation with her is smooth and hassle-free."
"Toronto Polish Film Festival had the utmost pleasure of working with Monika. Monika did an excellent job at creating and editing a promotional video for us that captured everything we were looking for and more. Monika clearly understood every aspect we were expecting in the video, and the final product came out looking very professional. Our campaign came out to be a great success as a result of Monika's work. From start to finish, Monika took a lot of care in the project, keeping us updated along the way and made collaboration effortless. Working with Monika comes with a lot of ease, and we know we can count on her to create an amazing edit!!"
"Recording an online course involves a lot of planning, recording, and editing. In the beginning, I did everything myself, and editing took a lot of time and blocked the process of creating subsequent content. I decided to entrust this task to Monika, which was an excellent decision. Initially, I was concerned whether a person uninitiated in a given technology would properly edit my videos. It turned out that I couldn't have done it better :-). Excellent contact and short waiting time. My head was freed, and I had more time to deliver value."
What does working with me look like?

Clear rules and a short start process

Contact Me

Email me and let me know what you need. If you prefer to talk, I invite you to a 30-minute free consultation (Google Meet).


Within 48 hours of our first contact,
I send you a summary of our arrangements and a cooperation agreement.


I do tasks for you.
At the end of the month,
I send you an invoice with a working time report.

Solo przedsiębiorcy

W każdy czwartek otrzymasz ode mnie max 3 sprawdzone tipy, które pozwolą Ci być bardziej produktywnym oraz zaoszczędzić czas w solo biznesie i 1 gotowy szablon/praktyczne case study.
Few Words About Me

Get to know me better

Hi, Monika there!

I’m a logistics, e-business, and professional communication specialist by profession. I feel great in carrying out online tasks.

Since 2019, I have been working remotely with internet creators. My specialization is audio & video editing.

I am a minimalist. I love listening to podcasts, alternative tourism, street food, and sea breeze.

My top 5 Gallup talents are Discipline, Restorative, Harmony, Empathy, and Focus.

See how I can help you.

Best regards!

Why is it worth working with me?

Professionalism in performing tasks

Always On Time

Timely implementation of each project is one of my priorities.

Diligence and Accuracy

The labor intensity of tasks is not a problem for me. They all do with attention to detail.

Own Initiative

I do everything I do with full commitment. I share my knowledge in terms of podcasting.

What tools do we use in everyday work?

I use, among others

logo programu Asana
logo Google Drive
logo programu toggle
Do you have a question?

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